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Add Item

Plugin: Data | Mode: Run

Creates a new data item in one of your collections.

Learn more about Items.



Select the collection in which the new data item should be created.

Under Game-> settings-> COLLECTIONS you can view your collections and create new collections.


Add variables to the item that it has from the start.

Every item you create needs a name variable from the start.

To add more variables use the variables-> Settings button. Enter a new variable in the input field and press Add.

Eine Variable zu einem neuen Item hinzufügen

You can choose between the data types string,  numberboolean and array for each additional variable.

string - A text or other variable

Use square brackets ([[ and ]]) to assign the value to another variable.

Use curly brackets ({and }) to assign a JS object.

number - A number value. Use . to specify a floating point number.

boolean - 1 of 0, true or false.

array - A list of values


A name that refers to the data item within the level. As with a level argument, you can address the item with this name in subsequent actions.


Create a new data item in the Collection "locations" with the initial values name "laboratory" and condition "locked" that will be reference available in the level as "Lab".

beispiel ein neues Item erstellen

You can then use the item in the Switch action, for example, and check whether the condition variable is "locked" or "open".

Das Item in der switch action verwenden